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Your Events and Sales

Event Advisory

If you have a particular event, such as a new business pitch, a critical review or results meeting, a flotation, an investor or third party road show, or an important address to make, we can advise you on the framework, content, strategies and tactics and the delivery methodology.

Our research into the business environment and audiences to whom you will be speaking, enables us to guide, advise and generate ideas for you and then coach you through the delivery.

Presentation and Sales Consulting

Consultancy interventions can take place anywhere along your sales process curve from:

  • Editing and drafting your initial responses to a questionnaire or RFP.
  • Conducting audience research, analysing your differential propositions, defining your core messages, through to developing your pitch strategy, planning your tactics.
  • The design of your pitch books and marketing materials.
  • Even on to post event feedback.

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