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Pitch Simulator

Do you have a Product or Service that:

  • Is not selling but should be?
  • Is losing existing business for performance reasons?
  • Is launching but you need to test clients’ reactions first?

Use the Power of “Simulator” to Identify:

  • What your real (and often hidden) unique sales proposition (USP) should be.
  • How well that USP can resonate with buying panels.
  • How well it can be differentiated from competitors.
  • How your presentation can meet your buyer’s expectations.
  • How your teams and individual presenters can inspire confidence in your buyers.
  • Those frequently asked key questions and convincing responses to them.

The “Simulator” can be used in both new business and client review meetings, including difficult situations to assess both the strength of your offering, its messages and the ability of your presenting teams to articulate those key messages. Your teams will be presenting in realistic, but risk-free situations to panels made up from top-flight sector professionals.

In addition, our expert coaches will employ advanced audio-visual remote monitoring, to provide your teams with diagnostic and experiential feedback on your offer, the manner and style of its presentation and how to successfully navigate tough and testing questions.

Feedback from our panelists often indicates that presenting teams and their organisations fail to see the facets of their offering that would really turn on their prospective clients. This is not necessarily the team’s fault; it is simply a case of “missing the wood for the trees” and not unearthing that hidden gem. It takes the eye of external professionals to do this - and the results can be dramatic and instantaneous. This top-level strategic feedback can help you to capitalise on your real strengths and present a more effective, compelling and inspiring message in live situations.

Small teams, time, budget constraints and geographical limitations can all be catered for with our expanding range of applications and panelists. If you believe your own organisation’s communication to your market place could be improved, contact us to discuss how you and your organisation would benefit from our “Simulator”.

With inspiration from the Dragon’s Den format made famous on UK Television, and based upon Winning Presentations’ highly successful London-based offering of  “The Pitch Simulator”, The Dragon’s Lair is a slightly more informal but still competitive two-hour version of the “The Pitch Simulator”.

Used either as a stand-alone event for an offsite meeting or as a session during the final afternoon of a training programme, the aim is to find the best team or individual performance against the three critical performance indicators, Proposition, Presentation and Personality.

For example, six participants on a programme would divide into three teams of two and, based on a pre-determined brief, would present their case, product or service to the “Dragons”. The panel normally consists of two or three Dragons made up of the Course Director, another senior director of Winning Presentations, and either an external guest or senior member of your firm.

Each team has ten minutes to make their case and a further 10 minutes of Q and A. The Dragons then deliberate and after providing detailed feedback to each team a winner is announced. All teams remain in the room throughout the event to observe the other team's presentations.  This Dragon’s Lair format is proving to be a very popular and instructive way to re-enforce learning and wrap up a programme or meeting on a competitive high.

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