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Presentation Skills

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Using your own unique style of communication, you will have a presentation methodology based on extensive research that will help you to emulate the best presenters in the world and to use their secrets and techniques to help you produce measurably improved results.

Whether you are a frequent or occasional presenter or only in very rare situations. Whether it is for business reasons or social, Winning Presentations can help you achieve the outcome you want from your audiences be they clients, colleagues or managers, family or friends.

Amongst the many skills you can learn and develop are:

  • Stagecraft and physical delivery skills to reinforce your messages and produce a commanding performance
  • How to develop your presentation content and structure your presentation to make sure your key points and messages stand out and resonate with every audience.
  • How to dispense with notes and cue cards to give a natural delivery style
  • How to design and use visuals for maximum impact and effect
  • How to use humour, anecdotes and storytelling to relate to and your audiences and win them over
  • The secrets of successful pitch presentations – to win over your ‘dragons in their den’ or ‘the sharks in their tank’
  • How to present to your mangers and peers professionally.
  • How to use questions to reinforce your presentation and make sure they do not trip you up

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'From my perspective, we are an asset owner that is constantly evaluating the return on our investments. When I evaluate our investment, the payback from committing to the Winning Presentations full two-day advanced level seminars, has been enormous.'