The secrets of successful competitive sales presentations

Getting to yes!

A half-day workshop focused on the development of clear, distinctive and differentiated sales proposition messages that will have resonance and appeal to your prospective buyers.


You may be surprised to learn that, from our research, a very small proportion of sales presentations and associated materials (less than 10%) deliver simple and clear messages that have true resonance with the prospective buyer.  Also, many individuals and organisations worry that their offering is very much “me too” with little to distinguish from other suppliers or providers. 

This workshop provides you with the means of developing clear and differentiated sales messages that have real resonance with your prospective buyers and the ability to convey them with distinctive sales materials.

You Will Learn

  • The dynamics of buying decisions.
  • How to create resonant sales messages.
  • How to analyse sales opportunities and buyers.
  • How to identify the key sales messages for each opportunity.
  • The hierarchy and sequencing of the key messages.
  • How to create message based sales materials.

This Programme is Ideal for:

  • Individuals and leaders of pitch teams who work collaboratively to develop the core messages that underpin and drive the sales case.

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'From my perspective, we are an asset owner that is constantly evaluating the return on our investments. When I evaluate our investment, the payback from committing to the Winning Presentations full two-day advanced level seminars, has been enormous.'