Who are we? And how do we work?

We are
Presentation Experts

Winning Presentations is an international communications company providing research-based presentation skills training services to small and large clients in diverse industries for more than 30 years. We specialise in conducting global research with presenters and their audiences, accumulating significant real-life practical evidence of the real reasons presentations succeed or fail. This research is available in several languages throughout our client engagement, across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, USA, Canada and South America. This wealth of research and experience will set you and your organisation on course to impactful presentation and communication success supported by enough strategies and tactics for a lifetime. Founded by David Gilgrist, global consultant, author and entrepreneur in the communications industry, Winning Presentations is headquartered in London and Hong Kong. We support clients with a team of 16 professional consultants, each of whom is accomplished at working with clients on an individual and team basis at shareholder, board, executive and senior management level.

Our Philosophy

To win an opportunity, you must have the 3Ps: Proposition, Presentation and Personality. Effective communications need to contain resounding propositions that are delivered with a compelling presentation by inspiring personalities. When it comes to presenting, it is well known that sometimes a great personality can overcome a weak proposition and still win the day. Similarly, a strong message can sometimes triumph over poor delivery. Imagine what can be achieved by getting the 3Ps right every time you present; when Proposition, Presentation and Personality come together in perfect harmony. With our philosophy and support, you can.

Win with the 3Ps:


Meet Our Team

David Gilgrist, Founder - david.gilgrist@winningpresentations.com

David Gilgrist is the Founder of the Learning Point Presentations School in London and co-founder of Winning Presentations in Asia. Following a successful career in both telecommunications and in international sales and marketing in the technology sector, David started his own consultancy company in 1982. In this capacity, David was responsible for the research and development of Learning Point’s communication models and presentation strategies for a variety of presentation situations, both informative and persuasive. In his consultancy role, David has been retained as advisor by many successful, international organizations in the United Kingdom, North America and Australasia. He has also advised on the presentation of a number of well-publicized, strategic mergers and acquisitions within the United Kingdom and Europe and countless investment finals around the world. David’s track record in helping clients win and retain business, and also to perform excellently in larger scale events, has led him to become the guru to a number of Financial Institutions, Law Firms and high profile Individuals on all aspects of their presentations. David is the author of the books “Winning Presentations” and “SME Guide to Investor Relations”. David’s creative approach, attention to detail and good-humored patience in implementation has built a tremendous reputation and loyalty among his wide and varied clients around the world.

Nigel Dickinson, Non Executive Director - nigel.dickinson@winningpresentations.com

After London University, Nigel joined Rank Xerox where he enjoyed a period as a top sales performer and manager. It was here that he first met the Founder of Winning Presentations, David Gilgrist. There followed a thirteen year period during which Nigel ran a group of companies in the United Kingdom and also worked in the United States as a Director for a Management and Business Strategy company. He then teamed up with David to launch Winning Presentations , develop new business and grow a solid foundation for the company’s expansion. Since 2001 Nigel has been mainly based in the Asia-Pacific region, growing the business, conducting research projects and developing consulting solutions for a diverse range of small and large client organisations. Although currently based in London Nigel continues to travel throughout Asia-Pacific and beyond as Global Account Manager for a number of Winning Presentations’ international clients.

Andrew Peake, Senior Consultant

With a background in institutional fund management and institutional client services, Andrew joined Winning Presentations as a senior consultant in 2008 after spending nearly 30 years in asset management. In his consulting role he has worked with some 35 different financial institutions in the UK and Europe.

To balance his professional life Andrew has held a number of trusteeships in the charity sector including Treasurer of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and latterly Chairman of the Fund’s pension scheme. He has also served on the investment committees of the University of Buckingham and Goodenough College, a residential post-graduate college in Bloomsbury. He is currently on the Marketing and Communications Committee of the Goldsmiths Livery Company.

Mary Beth Hazeldine, Managing Director

Mary Beth has worked in the international financial services sector for more than 20 years in Relationship Management and Investment Banking debt product groups. She has extensive experience pitching to clients and was instrumental in winning many key mandates for her employers. Mary Beth uses this experience to great effect in enabling Winning Presentations’ clients to win more competitive pitches. Mary Beth is fluent in English and German and is available for engagements in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Norman Jones, Consultant Director

Norman is an Australian who has lived and worked across Asia-Pacific for 34-years, utilizing his strategic, entrepreneurial, marketing, and sales expertise across a range of industries.
Throughout his career Norman has been marketing and selling his organization, and its products, services, and solutions, acquiring significant knowledge and skills in scripting, designing, and delivering business communications, presentations, and stories, to inform, persuade, and inspire cross-cultural audiences.
Norman is available for assignments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Peter Barton, Senior Consultant

Peter has substantial experience in the management training field working with teams and individuals at boardroom level, including developing directors and managers from the financial sector in the skills of presentation, enabling them to effectively pitch for business. Peter recognises the importance of creating interesting presentations that engage the audience and at the same time deliver key messages, where a presenter’s personal delivery has a huge impact on the words that are spoken. Peter is available for engagements in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Pia Muggerud, Senior Consultant

Pia Muggerud is a highly experienced multi-cultural business consultant and coach in the areas of high-end communication skills, presentation skills, motivation and team building, as well as being a certified Life Coach. Pia’s spirited style and unique ability to establish immediate rapport with clients at all levels of an organization is a hallmark of her style. Pia is also passionate about learning and about making effective communication and presentation easy and enjoyable. She believes that anybody, with the right set of tools, can be a remarkable presenter and speaker. Pia is available for engagements throughout Asia Pacific and the Indian Sub-Continent.

Sue Biddle, Senior Consultant

One of Winning Presentation’s senior consultants, Sue delivers consultancy and executive coaching services focused on sales and marketing issues, negotiation and strategic client account management. Sue is active in the design of bespoke courses for these disciplines and is retained by a number of our Financial and High-Tech clients. Sue has previously held a number of senior positions in national sales management following on from a highly successful career in sales for organisations such as Xerox, Siemens and SRCS. She brings to WP’s clients a wealth of direct sales experience and management skills. Sue’s style is challenging, demanding and energetic. Feedback is always outstanding and the results she achieves are transformational.

Sue Hepper, Senior Consultant

Sue has extensive experience working with investment banking, fund management and wealth management clients to improve their presentations. Sue has particular expertise in conducting team rehearsals for buy- and sell-side mandates, many of which are by nature cross-border and in so doing Sue advises on the impact of cultural differences in effective communication and presentation, as well as how to adapt to cultural expectations in the winning and retaining of business. Sue is fluent in English and French and is available for engagements in Europe, United Kingdom and United States.

Alexandra Turk, Consultant

Alexandra is a communication and media expert with extensive experience in television, radio and press work, including coaching clients for interviews and public speaking engagements. Alexandra has worked with the BBC, currently presents her own television programme for Pinewood Studios and is a Member of the Royal Television Society. Alexandra is available for engagements in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Anne Puechberty, Consultant

Anne has a strong scientific background in physics and chemistry and spent 15 years teaching, training and providing management expertise to high-potential science students and Science Professors. Anne utilizes this experience to nurture the communication and presentation skills of clients in the financial services, pharmaceutical, bio-tech and chemical industries. Anne lives in Paris, is fluent in English and French and is available for engagements in France.

Bill Chan, Consultant

Bill has an exceptional capability in management and sales training and for more than ten years has been involved in corporate training in management, sales, customer service, presentations, communication and attitude change with global clients in the Greater China Region. Bills success is founded on a Masters in International Management specializing in the North Asia Region. Bill is fluent in English and Mandarin and is available for engagements in the People’s Republic of China.

Carolina Kindelan, Consultant

Carolina has extensive communication and public relations experience working with executives from all levels and industries on communication, interpersonal and presentation skills, with a focus on effective communication as a means to attain key leadership skills such as motivation, delegation, influencing and decision making. Carolina lives in Madrid, is fluent in English and Spanish and is available for engagements in Spain and Latin America.

Graham Cherret, Consultant

Graham’s successful and highly rewarding career in Business Development and Sales Leadership spanning over 20 years has provided him with a wealth of experience in what does and does not produce measurable results in the real world. Graham has spent the last 12 years specialising in helping organisations diagnose the specific skill, behavioural and attitudinal gaps that restrict sustainable high performance. He also works closely with businesses to design and roll out powerful change programmes that deliver swift, and above all, measurable results. He combines his passion for all aspects of business development, sales psychology and training with a powerful ability to coach and inspire people to step outside of their comfort zone to reach their true potential whilst having a fair amount of fun!

Matthew Tsui, Consultant

Matthew’s early career comprised more than 20 years experience in education and learning, including education publishing. Since then he has focused on business education and development, enabling clients to improve their presentation skills, communication skills, leadership development and change management. From factories in Shenzhen to high-end coaching for global banks in Hong Kong, Matthew dedication, professionalism and adaptability enable him to assist a wide variety of clients. Matthew is fluent in English and Cantonese and is available for engagements in Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

Trevor Jones, Consultant

With 25 years experience selling complex business solutions to global clients in the Middle East and United States, Trevor has extensive experience in direct marketing, negotiating at board level, making new business pitches to Directors, Trustees, Actuaries and Consultants, as well as in developing long- term relationships with clients, across diverse cultures. Trevor provides clients with highly interactive and challenging support so that clients develop skills they can immediately use to great effect in their business. Trevor is available for engagements in the Middle East, United Kingdom and United States.