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Winning Presentations is an international communications company providing research-based presentation skills training services to small and large clients in diverse industries for more than 30 years.  We specialise in conducting global research with presenters and their audiences, accumulating significant real-life practical evidence of the real reasons presentations succeed or fail.  This research is available in several languages throughout our client engagement, across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, USA, Canada and South America. This wealth of research and experience will set you and your organisation on course to impactful presentation and communication success supported by enough strategies and tactics for a lifetime.  Founded by David Gilgrist, global consultant, author and entrepreneur in the communications industry, Winning Presentations is headquartered in London and Hong Kong.  We support clients with a team of 16 professional consultants, each of whom is accomplished at working with clients on an individual and team basis at shareholder, board, executive and senior management level.

Our Philosophy

To win an opportunity, you must have the 3Ps: Proposition, Presentation and Personality. Effective communications need to contain resounding propositions that are delivered with a compelling presentation by inspiring personalities.  When it comes to presenting, it is well known that sometimes a great personality can overcome a weak proposition and still win the day. Similarly, a strong message can sometimes triumph over poor delivery.  Imagine what can be achieved by getting the 3Ps right every time you present; when Proposition, Presentation and Personality come together in perfect harmony. With our philosophy and support, you can.


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