Impress with your ability under stress

the Q&A potential

A half-day seminar that keeps you in control of your audience’s reactions and questions providing you with all the powerful techniques necessary to manage and remain in control during this vital and potentially hostile period.


Many good presentations fall apart in the subsequent Q&A or discussion period. This is where you can lose control, when the nasty surprise or the unexpected can take you by surprise. As a development module from the Advanced Seminar, this event will give you all the techniques necessary to manage and remain in control during this vital period.

You Will Learn

  • How to prepare for the Q&A session.
  • How to identify the real agenda behind questions.
  • How to keep your answers concise and to the point.
  • Techniques for handling disagreement and objections.
  • The art of reaching agreement.
  • Re-framing techniques.
  • How to manage sticky situations, such as no questions.
  • How to manage team Q&A sessions.
  • How to close.

This Programme is Ideal for:

  • Anyone who has to chair or participate in internal or external Q & A sessions.

Impress with your ability under stress

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