World-class sales skills and behaviours

New Business

"The first step in successful selling is understanding why people buy."

This highly interactive and practically focused series of training modules can be delivered over one or two days, developing the skills and behaviours required to build long term and profitable relationships with new clients. Participants are taken through a step by step, proven sales methodology using the most up to date techniques and sales psychology.

Individual training modules focus on the following core areas:

  • Opening the door to new business prospects
  • The habits of world class Sales Consultants
  • The psychology of the Customer and how to navigate to “yes”
  • Negotiating outcomes that benefit both sides

This suite of modules combine the best of psychology, behavioural science and skill to take the attendee to the next level of sales success. They provide powerful support for all sales personnel helping them to manage their way through the sales process in the most efficient and successful way to ensure the most profitable outcomes.

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