Effective Communication, Persuasion and Leadership with our online programmes

New Skills for Changing Times & Fresh Opportunities

Live Online Learning experiences for managers, leaders and executives who want to be excellent online communicators, presenters, storytellers and business developers.

With more and more business interactions taking place on-line a different skill set is needed to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues as well as the ability to win and retain business professionally and successfully.

it is important to ‘get it right but, recent evidence shows us it is very easy to fail if this new methodology isn’t deployed with optimum impact.

To help master this new business environment we have been offering a variety of short, high impact, online workshops, seminars and coaching

Small group, online learning, delivered live by highly experienced WP consultants providing:

• Time efficient and effective ways to understand, acquire and practice the new skills you will need

• The necessary elements for effective learning and transfer to the on-job situation.

• Short on-going building block sessions to ensure continuous personal development and performance improvement

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Online Programmes

Resounding Propositions | Compelling Presentations | Inspriring Personalities

Online Executive Presence

Live sessions to give feedback on; lighting, camera positioning, background, audio, voice, eye contact, body language, posture, gestures, best practices for hosting, tips for keeping your VC engaging
(1-1.5 hours)

Crafting your 10-minute Pitch or Presentation

Live sessions to learn how to craft a 10-minute power pitch or presentation that delivers concise, relevant and impactful content. Identify your key messages, structure your presentation using engaging audience related storylines
(2 hours)

Effective Delivery of Bad or Difficult News

During this Live Session delegates will learn the best strategies for presenting good vs. bad news. They will develop the key messages they want to get across and practice their delivery with Course Director and peer feedback

Delegates will learn rapport building skills and how to handle difficult questions They will come away with increased confidence and techniques for handling nerves and stress
(2.5 hours)

Visuals to Support your Content

Live sessions to present your visuals and receive feedback on how to increase impact and clarity as well as best practices for visually supporting online presentations
(1.5 hours)

Pitch or Presentation Review & Feedback

Live sessions to deliver your 10-minute pitch/presentation and receive feedback on both the content, delivery style and your executive presence
(2 hours)

Pitchbook Review Workshop

Review of your pitchbook including a video call to provide feedback on your design, template, and style. Then, a follow-up live session for you to present the redesigned pitchbooks whilst receiving feedback on all aspects of the book and it’s presentation.
(2 hours)

Handling Discussion and Q & A on Video Pitches

A practise based, session providing powerful strategies and techniques to guarantee that you understand the agenda behind questions, provide answers that satisfy the questioners expectations and ensure that you stay in control of this critically important component of the pitch/presentation process
(2 hours)

Styles of Persuasion
(Understanding your Personal Communication Impact)

In this online course, we identify each participant’s predominant communication style via a team exercise. We then discuss workplace situations where different communication styles can be used to maximum effect; for leadership, teamwork and sales purposes
(2 hours)

1:1 Coaching

Post seminar, participants can mentor with us on an individual basis to develop a wide range of styles and improve their personal effectiveness and communication skills set
(hourly, min 1 hour)