Winning techniques for winning graduates

Communication Skills for
Graduates and New Hires

Achieving success in your chosen career means you must be able to communicate expertly, concisely and effectively with your mentors and peer groups. This seminar is designed to prepare you as a successful communicator. You will be instructed in the skills used by top-flight presenters and experience the rush of adrenaline as we submerse you in wide-ranging and tough presentation situations – and ‘watch out’ for something unexpected.

The programme will be helpful in managing the transition from university to business life in terms of the changes needed in communication style, physical appearance and language patterns.

You engage with dozens, if not hundreds of conversations automatically each day. This seminar will give you the strategies and tactics that will enable you to develop exceptional presentation and communication skills that work in one-on-one situations and when presenting to large and small groups.

The experience you gain will add value to your employer and provide you with a skills set that is good for a working lifetime.

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