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Master Class

The Master Class attracts experienced senior presenters who need to sharpen their skills to the highest presentation standard. The session analyses the detail of your delivery; presentation content, strategies used, structure and technique. Using your own strengths and personal style as a foundation, this experience will elevate your existing well-practiced skills to the highest possible level.

The process comprises an in-depth evaluation of your current communication qualities and skills and to hone these so you stay ahead of the game. The Master Class can be run for small groups and teams and the coaching process implicit in Master Class can be applied individually.

There is no pre-determined agenda, as each Master Class is developed to meet your specific requirements and constraints. As with any Master Class approach, all aspects of your presentation, whether in content, delivery, visual support or question handling will be subject to forensic analysis. You will experience some exceptionally powerful material in a very full and demanding session.

Some Typical Issues

  • The Director’s role in the presentation pitching team
  • How to analyse your team’s performance
  • How to optimise key strategies to meet your objectives
  • How to use tactics that help control your audience
  • How to enhance your delivery to enthuse and influence
  • Techniques for dealing effectively with questions (even hostility)
  • How to keep your answers concise and to the point
  • Techniques for handling disagreement and objections
  • How to manage team Q&A sessions
  • How to close.
  • How to prepare for the media Q&A session

This Programme is Ideal for:

Experienced senior managers and directors who need to refine and sharpen their existing presentation skills.

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