Visualisation that creates results

Through Story

An executive development programme of six complementary, interactive modules to help you better inform, persuade and inspire your internal and external audiences

  • The STORY Workshop teaches how to craft the content and script for successful audience communication, story telling and understanding
  • The SENSATION Workshop teaches how to design slide decks to create a positive audience sensation and increase the emotional connection between you and your audience
  • The DATA VISUALISATION Workshop explores how data shows us what’s happening and the Story tells us why it’s important. We describe the neuroscience of data visualization and explain what data relationships to show. You engage with a number of key data design and presentation practices and how best to tell the data story
  • The SPIRIT Workshop teaches how to deliver a great presentation, with passion, positive energy, and without stress
  • The Q&A Workshop teaches how to successfully plan, manage, control and deliver a post-presentation Q&A session. Excellent performance in this part of the presentation process is absolutely vital
  • The DOING Workshop provides real-life practice and feedback of all the new knowledge and skills learned during the workshops

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