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Through Story

Great communicators are able to connect with, engage, persuade and inspire people to actions, beliefs, and decisions. The best way to do this is through great story telling.

Story telling  is embedded in people’s DNA. Narrative story structure is the basis of human learning, memory and behaviour and it provides the key elements of human decision-making; namely rational and emotional inputs.

A business story can also be totally ineffective when  it is too long, has no clear flow, is too detailed, has no clear message, is difficult to follow, has no audience benefit, is boring and fails to inspire. So, how do you get it right every time?

Communicating through STORY is an Executive Development Programme of up to six complementary interactive workshop  that can be combined to suit your  needs and schedule.  They provide the essential knowledge, behaviours, and skills necessary to prepare and deliver great business stories for your internal and external audiences.

The Workshops focus on:

STORY - how to create a Story narrative with the right structure, sequence, content, and script, so audiences can easily learn, understand, and remember the information presented.

SENSATIONS - creating visual slide sensations with imagery, text and colour  so audiences can easily organize, identify, and interpret information.

DATA VISUALISATION  -  data tells you what is happening and  the story tells you why it matters. How to ensure audiences can easily build connections and context around numbers, facts, and emotion.

You will learn how to determine what data story to tell, what data relationships to show, and how best to show and tell a data story.

SPIRIT - how to tell your business story so audiences feel trust, connection, and engagement towards you and are persuaded and inspired to act.

Learn and practice how to use your body, emotion, humour, gesture, language, presence, projection, voice, and smiling when telling your business story!

This workshop answers the question of why great storytellers have a “great presence”, a “great spirit” on stage, and others have little, or none.

Q & A - how to master the Q & A, where audiences make the majority of their decisions, through clarifying meaning, satisfying doubts, and justifying messages.

DOING - “doing it”, practicing using, body language, connecting and engaging, eye contact, facial gestures, hand gestures, humorous asides, language, physical presence, powerful pauses, stage movement, tonal diversity, vivid words, vocal variety, voice projection, and smiling!

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