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A common misconception is about the high degree of value and importance that potential clients place on the presentation materials and booklets, used in sales meetings.  However, consistent feedback is that presentation materials, booklets and slide shows are too long, too complicated and contain far too much detailed text.  Death by PowerPoint!!

There is a growing trend for simplicity.  Your potential clients want to “see it and get it!” and if they can’t, then they simply won’t bother to try.  This is compounded in a sales situation, as the presentation material is often used for reference after and up until the decision is made and sometimes even beyond that.  This means that your materials need to tell your story clearly and unambiguously in your absence as a stand-alone sales document.

Underpinned by our global research findings, this workshop will help you to develop presentation materials that will meet your client’s expectations, avoid the common pitfalls and promote your proposition clearly.

You will Learn How to Develop a set of Materials that will:

  • Be structured to reflect the correct strategy for the particular event, a new sales presentation; review meeting, road show etc.
  • Be of the appropriate length to be delivered effectively in the time allocated.
  • Convey content simply, quickly and clearly.
  • Deliver the key messages of your proposition with clarity.
  • Minimise excessive bullet points and detailed text.
  • Provide clear interpretation of graphic content.
  • Relate the content to your client’s situation and needs.
  • Allow individuals to access the level of detail that they need.

This Programme is Ideal for:

  • Managers and staff engaged in or overseeing the planning, layout, and writing of their company’s presentation documents, booklets and slides.

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