A deeper understanding of self and others

Igniting your
Communication Potential

Solid research demonstrates that the benefits of Emotional Intelligence in the work place lead to:

  • Increased sales & higher productivity
  • More stable staff, greater employee satisfaction, improved risk management
  • Amazing customer service & better organisational communication
  • Improved relationships with colleagues and clients
  • More charismatic leadership, enhanced creativity & increased motivation

Mindfulness Training Leads To:

  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Sustainable and joyful work environments
  • Improved personal management, leadership skills and performance

Top business leaders in organisations such as Google, BMW and FedEx are also now discovering the vast potential of mindfulness training. The Harvard Business School includes mindfulness principles in its leadership programmes.

This programme offers a unique combination of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and an understanding of the Human Potential. The purpose is to enable employees to navigate through today’s challenges, foster innovation and help build organisations where people thrive, profits grow and businesses boom.

This Programme is Ideal for:

Anyone who wants to improve their personal and organizational performance.

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