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Presentation Skills Personal Coaching

One-to-one coaching to help you to communicate better, whether presenting, pitching or in more informal situations.

A highly personalised approach that aims to develop your individual strengths and overcome the psychological and emotional issues associated with communicating in high profile situations. The sessions allow you to benefit from proven strategies and psychological tools, which can help in a variety of professional contexts. Naturally the sessions can be held at a time to suit your schedule, out of core time if necessary, and can be supported by ongoing e-mentoring.

Working in partnership with your dedicated consultant, you will receive the vital support, feedback and insight that you need, in order to communicate successfully in a variety of corporate, managerial and business scenario.

Who Is It For?

If you have specific problems with your performance, such as knowing where to start, over-anxiety or lack of clarity. Perhaps you are unsure as to what the issue is but know that something isn’t working as well as it ought.

It can also help you with those specific events where it is essential that your performance is outstanding.

Senior management and executives, who frequently face pressurised situations and want to be able to communicate effectively and further enhance the sophistication of their style, often use personal coaching.

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