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Performance Diagnostics

For presentation success you need strong Propositions that have real resonance with your audience, packaged in a compelling Presentation and delivered by a Personality who can inspire rather than tire an audience.

Prior to designing any training initiative it is important to understand the existing skill sets of the community so that development and training is targeted in the precise areas that can hold a business back from optimum performance.  A “sheep dip” training approach is rarely effective long term as it fails to address individual skills gaps.  Assessment should be included as part of any initiative to ensure that the results are incorporated into any training plan.

The Winning Presentations’ Pitch Presentation Performance Diagnostic provides an objective assessment and feedback of your position against both “best practice” and peer group’s ratings of 50 key indicators in the three critical performance areas of Proposition, Presentation and Personality.

For your sales people and teams we can also undertake Role Specific Talent Assessments to enable you to assess the 4 key areas recognised to be the major contributors to sales success, namely critical reasoning, motivation and behaviour, as well as skills. You will then have a view of the team as a whole (against both industry and internal best in class benchmark), plus individual profiles to identify capability and desire, forming the foundation of personal development plans and coaching interventions for the future.

Once any assessments have been completed, we quickly interpret the findings, share those findings with you and refine any proposed agendas.  This will ensure that all levels of competency are catered for and that the desired outcomes are achieved based on the skills gaps and any other identified shortfalls.

Any areas of concern such as reluctance to develop, or motivational concerns that may be identified at this stage, can be discussed confidentially with the HR/Leadership team prior to attending any training or coaching sessions. A decision can then be made as to whether you want to invest further in a particular individual.

Following this stage of a project, we will be able to highlight the obstacles to success and compare individuals and teams to the best in class.  We will also be able to demonstrate exactly where and why our development interventions will deliver your desired result.

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