Practice makes perfect

and E-Mentoring


We can run individual or team rehearsal sessions with you, either face to face or via a VC link.

Rehearsals can be held at a time to suit your schedule, often out of core time.

The evidence is overwhelming that the better prepared and rehearsed teams are the most successful.

Time spent in rehearsing is rarely wasted and a far better investment of your time, than investing it in a post-mortem with the CEO on why you lost!


E-mentoring is a service designed to give you continuous support at your own desk.

After having worked with us, we will forward our design tools to your PC, workstation or even your company intranet.

Using e-mail and telephone, our consultants can then provide you with advice; guidance and feedback in real time to make sure your presentations are exemplary.

The more I practised the luckier I seemed to get

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'From my perspective, we are an asset owner that is constantly evaluating the return on our investments. When I evaluate our investment, the payback from committing to the Winning Presentations full two-day advanced level seminars, has been enormous.'