Winning at the closing stages by satisfying your client’s expectations

Pitching for High
Value Mandates

An advanced level two-day seminar on ‘Persuasive’ Presenting and Pitching to Win at Selection Process Finals, this research-based seminar is an opportunity to learn the key processes that make top flight achievers so successful at business pitches.


This seminar focusses on the presentation techniques and strategies used by successful, top-flight individuals and teams in their pitches, concentrating on the final selection stages.  These techniques and strategies are applied to the content of your pitch presentation to highlight and emphasise your key propositions and differentiators, as well as giving you a competitive edge.  The seminar also includes a powerful session on managing and responding in the critical Q&A part of the pitch.

You Will Learn

  • A method of presenting based on top-flight pitch presenters.
  • How to construct a pitch for the selection process using that method.
  • How to use that presentation method to analyse your performance.
  • Persuasive strategies and tactics for emphasising your main points.
  • Message sequencing for maximum effect.
  • Impact formats for text and graphic visuals.
  • Physical appearance and mind-set.
  • How to further develop your delivery techniques.
  • The dynamics and how to respond in Q&A.
  • How to deal with problems in Q&A.
  • How to work effectively as a presentation team.
  • A common understanding and approach to pitching within your organisation.

This Programme is Ideal for:

  • Individuals or pitch teams involved in winning or defending business via competitive selection processes.

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