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Designed to optimise your presentation and communication skills, our services fall within two main categories; a broad range of high-impact seminars, and a consultancy and support service aimed at working closely together to fulfil your development needs. Alternatively, you can access our customised time critical learning modules for faster impact. We use a researched, tested and globally successful methodology for improving spoken and written communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. This includes:

  • Formal Pitching that truly resonates with selection panels and audiences wherever they may be.
  • Advanced Presentation skills that utilise the right strategies and materials that we know audiences want and expect.
  • Personalities that inspire rather than tire. In most events, it is the chemistry, confidence and a range of intangible qualities that will lead audiences to feel inspired, winning the day for you, your team and your company.

We can engage with you in the most appropriate and flexible manner, globally and across time zones, with courses, coaching, mentoring, rehearsals and simulators. If you are on the move, we also offer mobile support through real time online e-mentoring. In supporting our clients we are acutely aware of the importance of cultural sensitivity, of working within cultural context and nuances, and of providing support in the local language. Our team of highly experienced consultants are accomplished in working with clients in seven languages: English, Cantonese, French, German, Mandarin, Spanish and Thai.

Our Philosophy

If you are pitching for new business, writing proposals, transitioning through career stages and getting short-listed, our portfolio of unique, research-backed seminars are designed and delivered by our industry-leading experts and cater for the key moments that matter the most.

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Add the winning ingredient to the moments that matter with our range of professional mentoring services. From sales pitches to technical presentations, our personal coaching, e-mentoring, performance diagnostics and pitch simulators will help you make an impact.

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If you are on a tight schedule but still want to enhance your skills, then access our time critical learning modules. You can pick and choose topics from across our entire range of seminars with these short, high-impact modules designed for the busy executive and those on the move.

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