Delivering with confidence


Presentation Skills

For Junior Managers and Staff

This confidence-building seminar for up to 8 participants is designed primarily for staff and junior managers who may need to deliver internal presentations to peers, colleagues and project evaluators.

Some of these situations can be stressful to the untutored and poor performance, so early on in a career, can have a lasting negative impact on confidence and willingness to “stand and deliver” in the future.

The programme will be helpful in managing the transition from university to business life in terms of the changes needed in communication style, physical appearance and language patterns.

The main focus is on confidence building, delivery and speaking skills, the design of visual supports and the development of a basic content structure to provide support and consistency.

The seminar is also used as a stepping-stone to our more advanced level, strategy and tactics based seminars such as Pitching to Win.

You will Learn

  • How to analyse your audience and how they analyse you!
  • Effective body language, gestures, eye contact and pauses.
  • Breathing and posture techniques to project confidence.
  • Ways to control and deal with nerves.
  • Tonality, modulation, voice projection and pace.
  • How to open and close your presentation with impact.
  • Guidelines on presentation planning, construction and content.
  • How to create meaningful visual aids that support your delivery.

  • This Programme is Ideal for:

    Staff and junior managers who need to present internally.

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